About Our Mixes

All Natural Goodness

Real Food, Real Easy

At Bountiful Pantry, we care about quality, delicious food and healthy eating. We know that your food choices are informed by so many factors: lifestyle, personal tastes, dietary needs and food allergies that you or your dinner guests may have. Whatever motivates your choices, you'll never sacrifice taste or convenience with Bountiful Pantry. Made with all-natural ingredients, our mixes are delicious and satisfying for everyone at your table, and can help meet many special dietary needs.

Gluten Free, Naturally

Bountiful Pantry mixes are gluten free, prepared without wheat, barley, spelt or oats. That means your friends and family can enjoy a tasty, flavorful meal without compromise. Bountiful Pantry mixes are naturally delicious and satisfying, so everyone can relax, enjoy and share in a meal.

No Added Salt, Preservatives or MSG

We use real food and all-natural ingredients in our mixes, so our ingredient labels are refreshingly easy to read. There are no hidden additives, preservatives, coloring, or MSG in any of our mixes. And when it comes to salt, you're in control, so add as much or as little as you like – there's no added salt in any Bountiful Pantry mix.

Vegan & Vegetarian

There are no animal-derived ingredients in Bountiful Pantry mixes, all of which feature all-natural ingredients including rice, grains, beans, legumes and vegetables.

Make It Your Way

Bountiful Pantry mixes make delicious, satisfying meals on their own or complemented with food you likely already have on hand. Develop your own delicious creation by adding your favorite toppings or following the optional preparation tips on every package. Your options are endless.